Corona Virus updates:

We have had to make a few changes to the way we operate in order to keep our customers and staff safe, due to the Corona Virus and really appreciate your support. Please wash hands with antibacterial wash on arriving and leaving the yard.

We can only offer 1 hour hacks, private or semi private lessons and small group lessons and ask you to come 10 minutes earlier then your time allocated to allow you to mount up and be ready for your lesson to start, this will enable us to keep customers safe when changing from one lesson to the next.

All riders must be able to mount up on their own (a family member can assist under the supervision of a member of staff) and must have their own riding hat and gloves. We are now allowed to offer Riding hats that will be disinfected in between each rider at a charge of £2.00 

The horse / pony will be tacked up and tied up ready for you, so that you can collect your horse and mount up on the mounting block under the supervision of a member of staff, Your instructor will be in the school waiting for you. All bookings for lessons will be taken over the phone with a payment to confirm the session, so that no physical contact needs to take place. The reception area will be closed.

After your lesson if you could please tie the horse back up in the allocated area with the headcollar provided and then a member of staff will be able to untack the horse and disinfect the tack in between lessons.

When using the toilet please wash hands thoroughly as per government guidelines, and there will be hand sanitizer as well.

If you feel at all unwell or show any symptoms of the Coronavirus or been in contact with anyone showing symptoms, then please let us know and we will postpone your lesson.We will continue putting good hygiene practice in place, so that everyone can still come and enjoy their time horse riding, with as little human contact as possible.

Please take a look at the 2021 Price list on our web site as we have had to increase some of the lessons due to the difficult circumstances ahead and really appreciate your understanding and support .

Thank you very much for your support and looking forward to seeing you all again.

Jane and the team



-British Horse Society Stage 2 Teach Training Course Dates-


Watch this space 

Plans for 2021..

• Regular Jumping Clinics

• Annual Dressage Competitions

Pony Stars

Pony Loans



Pony Stars

We are re- structuring our Pony club to The British Horse Society Pony Stars, as we feel that they offer more structure and fun for everyone. We are really excited about this new adventure as the BHS have thought a lot about how to encourage youngsters to have lots of fun whilst in a learning  environment. The yearly cost is £25.00 and for this you get a fantastic challenge book which contains lots of information and fun, Stickers and badges. 

We will still be holding the new Pony Club (Pony Stars) every Wednesday and Thursday After school for 2 hours starting from 4.30pm to 6.30pm at a cost of £30.00. Every session you attend you will be given points once you have achieved so many points you will then be entitled to a free session.

The different levels they offer are 

Shetland Striders

Welshie Wizzers

Dartmoor Dazzlers

Connemara Champs

Please contact us if you would like to join in the fun



Due to so much demand we will be offering Pony Loans during the summer holidays. We will be offering 2 mornings a week for the kids to be able to come to the yard from 10.00am to 1pm to carry out the day to day care of the ponies, this will include mucking out, feeding and grooming along side the Pony Stars that we are offering. They will also get to ride both times as well.

Its going to be a great opportunity to see all the aspects of owning your own pony and just what is involved in such a commitment

Places will be limited as we want everyone to feel part of the team at Braeside.

The cost will be £45.00 a week and it must be the same 2 days every week so as not to cause chaos.

I am taking names and details, plus if you have any particular pony that is your favourite; I will try and pair you up.

Many thanks and lets look forward to a great summer with lots of fun