Full Livery

We provide inclusive care seven days a week year round- (Bank holidays by arrangement)

Stable and 52 week availability grazing,

Hay, Feed and Shavings.

We can also organise farrier and vet visits on your behalf if required.

Services are tailored exactly to your needs.

You can expect first class care and attention to detail to ensure your horse’s needs remain well met.

Discuss your requirements and costs with Jane.

Part Livery

As for full livery, but 5 days a week Mon – Fri. Bank holidays by arrangement.

Additional Services available and tailored exactly to your needs.

Costs dependent upon requirements. 

D.I.Y. Livery

Stable and all year grazing, plus morning turnout for you by yard staff. This is ideal for working owners and those working shifts as you need only visit once a day.

Many other services available on request to enable you to tailor care to your exact requirements when you  cant  be around.

Ad Lib Hay, Straw and Shavings are available at cost from yard. Ad lib hay is encouraged and payable at a fixed rate per week

Discuss your requirements and costs with the yard. 

Working Livery

We occasionally need horses on working livery, subject to suitability and demand. Your horse would be cared for by yard staff and used in the school and for hacks as appropriate and as agreed with you. Charges are by arrangement, please contact the yard to discuss your requirements. 

Schooling and breaking in liveries

Proper breaking in and starting off is a highly skilled process and done correctly, forms the basis of a sound investment for you and your horse. Jane Driver specialises in breaking and schooling, using years of experience, special insight, qualifications and knowledge to ensure the very best start with no  drama

Don’t be fooled by cheaper under qualified offers to save money!  It will potentially cost much more rectifying mistakes and undoing the harm!  

Whilst here for breaking and schooling (Approx 2 weeks for breaking and by arrangement from 1 week for schooling ) your horse can expect first class care and highly skilled training, to provide a sound basis for continuing work upon return to you.

If you wish you can also book lessons on him/her to develop your partnership in preparation for his/ her return to you, and many owners continue to return for lessons and coaching.

Schooling and breaking livery costs are inclusive of all care. Please talk to the yard for a tailored quotation.